Isnin, 23 Julai 2012

I wish I could be smart without studying .

There will be a monthly test this coming Thursday and Friday . OMGGGGGG shit . I am totally dead . I can't catch up Addmaths and Physics over the past few months yo .   I'm stress . Chemistry ? From the FIRST CHAPTER till today's learning I still don't fcking get it . Like AT ALL . Maths ? Pretty okay . Same goes to the other subjects but ya' know what ? If I didn't pass those important subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Addmaths, Maths), what's the point i'm in the Science Stream class ?! It is called science stream class so ofcourse, those 4 subject is the subjects that science stream students MUST PASS . It's killin' me guys ;'( Luckily I didn't take Biology or i'll already have grey hair for sure -.- Ughhhh . I shouldn't have chose this in the first place . I shouldn't . Before PMR, i'm already thinking of entering SMK Teknik or now known as SM Vokasional cuz it got many options like catering, beauty, engineering, and many more...I think . But yeah, it's too late.... Too late ....... 
Hmm I just hope that....i'll pass . Not only for this coming test, but also for SPM, that is next year .  

Btw I wanted to take Addmaths, Physics and Chemistry tuition but I still don't know any good tuition centre/place...that's not just good, but also suits me . I want a quiet environment and also a good tutor . Nowadays there are many tuition class that is being conducted either at home or at tuition centre but almost half of 'em is not very good and some are just not even qualified (what the heck) . Well ofcourse I haven't try 'em all ( try 'em all ? Bixx that would be crazy) but i've heard of it from my friends and also  from other people and also... from my own experiences heh . 

Tick tock tick tock

Uh I want to tell more but since it's already 10 pm and I haven't done anything yet including wash my school's tudung, pack my books, and also....done my homeworksssss, so yeah i guess i'll stop here . Oh yesss, I AM TOOOOOO LAZYYYY to do anything cuz my brain hurts . Ughhh if possible I want to move out from hereee like N O W T____T Oh someone could just please adopt me I promise I will behave myself *smile to the earrr lol jk =.= And tomorrow is the fourth's day of fasting .. So yeah, wake up at 4 & stay awake till school . Then in the afternoon i will be doin' some homework . No sleep hurmmm :(( WHAT A LIFE I HAVE WOWWW GREAT .
How i wish my high school life is like the one in the Surviving High School game or just like the one shown on tv . Diary of a wimpy kid for example ? Bahahaha /.\ *tears

Sorry for bad grammar guys my english is not that good but I love english and hoping that one day i'll live overseas so that I can speak english everyday hee :) And i'm also in a rush so yeah don't have much time to double-check my words my sentences my spelling my grammar & all .  

Goodnight peoples :'*


psst ! thanx sebab baca :)♥


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