Ahad, 2 Disember 2012

I found a way/solution regarding my problem of login to Meetme



I have had a Meetme account for almost 2/3 years now . I remember during that time its name wasn't Meetme but MyYearbook (?) So ehum..I started to join in 2010 (im 14 during that time & now im 16) if im not mistaken but only active for 2 weeks or so because it (Meetme) was boring and i've got no one there -.- So, only this year i started to active back because i was so damn bored to death and Twitter, is basically not enough for me tehee . So one day i open back my account & started to active everyday . Days to months . But that didn't last long ...

One day, when i tried to open my account, it says MY INFO IS INCORRECT . Well it isn't say exactly like that but that was IT..wanted to say . Lol . So at first i thought that probably i mis-type the password or email cuz normally it was like that . So i delete the password & re-type again but i shocked when it say, again, that my info is incorrect . So i was like, WTH?? I tried again and again but it was still the same . I change the password (where it say 'Forgot Password?') but then again, it said that MY INFO IS INCORRECT

I started to think why this happen and google many things and tried many solutions but to no avail . This continue for weeksssss . Finally, i gave up and thinking that probably someone has hack my account or something like that lol -_- All those times i wondered if this has happened to anyone also and then i google again (i typed many things) and then i came pass this one website that,.. "one of the reasons it occur is because of your living area" . I mean country . It say that "probably your country did not allow or already banned the site and that anyone who is from the country cannot enter the site anymore" well something like that . It does make sense though but does this occur to anyone else too?? O.o But i don't think so cuz i kept receiving messages from Meetme like for an example: " *** has uploaded a new photo, go comment etc etc" and the people appeared to be my fella! They live in Malaysia too! So i was thinking WTF what this shit why i can't login my Meetme account and why they can ?!! Dipshit

To this day, i am still can't login my Meetme account and that is just so frustrating . If this was cause by hacker, i really need to deactivate my account . You hacker fuckyou . But if this wasn't, i really hope that it goes back to normal . TT_TT


I found the solution woot woot!! 

But probably there's someone who found this earlier than me but who cares hehe =p
To those who having the same problem like i do, leme tell you!

I can already login my account yeayyy ! \^,^/ but this trick using the messages that you received at your email . The trick is easy (this happen accidently) .

1. You click at the message. (normally when i clicked it i just read & ignore it & then clicked the small 'x')

2. After that you click 'Post a comment' or anything of the kind. (eg: "Find out who it is!" "Answer now!" etc) 
3. You're done! You are basically already IN your account . Well, at least that was happened to me . And then you can go to Home/ Profile/ Settings and online as usual or you can even deactivate your account .

If i login like the usual way i can't even log in it . Now after i already log in this account i don't know (as in two-hearted) whether i should keep this acount or deactivate it ://// I love my meetme account but i also don't wanna take a risk of maybe one day i will facing the same thing again . Maybe one day this trick will become useless or maybe even worse, the hacker found out ! But to be honest i still don't know the cause . So someone?

I'm gonna find chu

sorry for my funny english/bad grammar

psst ! thanx sebab baca :)♥


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