Isnin, 23 Januari 2012

such a relieve ..

I already consult a doctor about my case . And yeah, it's relieving cause finally i've got what i want . Well, not yet but im getting close to it . To be honest, im feeling a little bit scared =,= Cause you know, everything that've got to do with doctor or hospital must involving pain . PAIN . And im not ready to tell anyone yet . I'll keep it secret first till the day that i will finally get it . But i know some of em must have already knew about this . Even the people who read this must 've already guess what i meant about . Hrmmm -_- it's okay then :) My happy mood are coming back . Hahhhh it's such a relieveee to meee ;') But i hope that they making this as fast as they could . Because waiting for so long will make me go crazy again . I don't want that to happen . Like, seriously i don't want . SO GO MAKE THE CONFIRMATION AND I'LL GET READY FOR IT . I always does , err hope so =,= And ya i know, i'll face all the consequences . Including all the pain all the haters and allll things . I just hope that im strong enough to faced it ;') Aminnn .

psst ! thanx sebab baca :)♥

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  1. hmm? kenapa dengan kau, far? sakitkah?? kau okaykah ni?? D;

  2. sharmien : ehe ndala . aq fine2 seja :DD


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