Jumaat, 2 Mac 2012

Alhamdulillah :D

Ohh it's almost the same with mine ! Except the chip-look thingy . 

same also but mine pink colour ;')

Oh yes baby I got it . I got what I want . Alhamdulillah :) You know what ? BRACESSSSSS ! Err it's not actually called braces, erm I guess remover cause it can be remove whenever I want to . I don't care whether it is remover, braces or whatever lah as long as it can straighten my teeth . I don't give much care about the fashion . Hehe ;) God im so happy and i hope that it only took short time . If could I don't want to kept wearing it for like 2 3 years . But if that it was supposed to be then.. what more can I do right ? ;) I'll just have to pray to Allah . Harapkan benda nie menjadi . Amin .

If I have free time i'll surely post more about this.. my experiences of course . It is not that hurt . Because it's not BRACES haha =,= lol . Erm ok then .

*it's already been 2 3 weeks or so I get this thing . But I just posted it today . You know what suck ? I already wrote this thing but i don't know how the fuck it unsaved and i've got to write it ONE MORE TIME . I don't remember all things that I had already wrote so I just write things that I remembered *

I bet you'll think how the hell it's unsaved since this thing was autosaved ? Well I don't know it for sure . All that I know is "404 error" fck . Arghhh ! ;'(


psst ! thanx sebab baca :)♥


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