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Kristen Stewart or Lily Collins?

No hate

Ok so yesterday I tweet about Lily Collins -i say that I kinda...dislike herrr lol (sorry but I don't hate her just the feeling of 'dislike'!). Lol I may be sound jealous but no, i'm not. See it's rare for me to dislike someone even if the person is a b*tch. Yes, I know no one ever believe it but yeah... Just some b*tch though. Kay, about L.C, the first time I watched her is in Abduction and then in Priest. I can see that she's reaallyy really really controlling her talking and all (especially her mouth/lips!) and can't even act (i think she suits theater). I thought "Ok maybe she's new into acting maybe after this movie or second or third she'll be good" but lmao no. You can still see 'that' in Priest. And I watched the trailer of Mirror Mirror and yeppp, still the same. I actually don't care if she do that or not but if she do that might as well don't act/become an actress :/ Cuz I understand that everyone wants to look pretty and I am no exception myself but don't do that IN a movie because it will spoiled the movieeee. It's no real. But I hope her the best and hope she will become a good actress one day.

"my face look cute like this"

-Other actresses too do control their faces and stuff but it can be accepted! It was natural-control but she is just.... I don't know.

real acting 

I tweet about Kristen Stewart too saying that I prefer her more over L.C (because many people debate over them & giving their opinion why & why so I thought why I don't give mine? lol). The reason is because, K.Stew is much more good compared to L.C and also because she's real? Lol. Her haters say that she's emotionless, don't know how to act, etc. But from what I see she is actually good. The Runaways, Panic Room, and many more....? She's gooddd. She doesn't really care how she look like (opposite with me xD) and into the whatever character she play. I think the 'emotionless' emotion she shows is probably because of her eyes? I don't know but maybe, tehee. Because she has a unique sorrow eyes or whatever it is called that kind of mysterious and attractive in its own way. By the way in Twilight, Bella is supposed to be mysterious lonely quiet kind of girl and the 'no emotion' face she has make her suits the role (to me). She know how to act, she has 'the face', she fits the description, what more can I say.. But this is my thoughts my opinions though and i'm just sharing with you guys. Everyone have different opinion and taste so I can't force people to accept mine and vice versa.

"damn gurl she's better she just need the right thang" -my cutie pie daesung 

-I love K.stew and yeah she maybe not yet a good actress but I hope one day she will. I think she already is! Tehee. She only need a suitable role..

So the conclusion is, I prefer K.Stew over L.C. I'm not hating L.C but for the moment I don't quite like her :/ (I know I knowww). But maybe one day i'm becoming one of her fan? ;) Who knows.. Just hoping the best for them both and one day could meet them, byeee

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