Rabu, 21 Mac 2012


Like a boss 

I don't know what to do . I can't online my twitter . The tweet box is missing due to the fcking line . It's fcking so slow like siput babi you know . Pffttt . So people, i've got nothing to do . I don't wanna do my homework because tomorrow i'll not entering the class as I will go to Kinabutan for some KPA's things . I hope it's fun =,= 


Btw I thought this year will be much better than last year . But it seems like it would be the same . Hmm . It's hard to find someone that do really understand you . I've got my reason y'know . But of course lah, human lerrr -.- Typical . Hah including me . But I try my best not to be one . I tried to be more optimist . Guess I success a bit . Heee . Well my problem is, I lack of confidence . I always feel insecure . I always do things that my mind tell me to cannot do . Sometimes I hate myself  though . Hmm I guess I just need to boost up my confidence more . Tell myself that it is okay . But what makes me sad is, i'm not like this before . It's all because of.... ah forget about it . Benda lama juga sudah . But why it's still circling in my mind ? Whyyyyyyy ? Ugh fcking hate that things . F F F F F hate it >_________< And that is one of the things that makes it so hard to achieve .  But I know i'll get rid it outta my head someday . 

*sorry for the grammar errors if I got one . I just type things that pass thru my mind*

psst ! thanx sebab baca :)♥


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(: Hak Milik Nurul Farhana :)