Khamis, 22 Mac 2012

People nowadays

I'd rather stayed at school .

Tadi pergi SMK Kinabutan . Perghhh gilanya =____= Sudah la panas . LAPAR lagi ;'( I felt a slight regret . If I can go back in time I would surely tell myself not to go . But things already happened . So it's okay . I'll have to accept it anyway . And today, one of my friend lost her money . It's not RM 1 2 3 4 5 . It's RM 140 ! God . I was shocked . It's either dropped out of the bag or someone stole it . Tetapi dari ceritanya, it seems like someone stole it . Hell yeah ! That's why I never keep my valuable things to someone . It's not that I don't trust people . I just being cautious . I don't want to regret when bad things already happen . Sebab kadang-kadang, orang yang simpan barang tue pun boleh terhilangkan barang . Eventhough they're not the one who steal it, tetapi dorang yang tanggung . Lol hell i don't want that things to happen to me . And that's why I always feel hesitated whenever people ask me to keep their things . Tetapi aku sumpah aku nda pernah curi benda orang . Apa lagi duit . Biarpun RM 1 ! Allah nampak . Yea I admit I do love money . But I wouldn't never do such thing . Itu duit orang . I want my own money . That people give me or I earn it by myself . Ya Allah, poor her . I just can't imagine myself if I was in her place . Hope that she's okay .

*the reason why I post about this because I wonder why people do this such thing . Stealing . Ya Allah . Aku pun pernah kena . But it's my fault . I put my money in the bag and I left my bag ALONE (form 2 at school) and since that I always being cautious and will always bring my bag wherever I go* 

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